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Isaac Pinhas, January 2019: “Fantastic Experience! I was lost with the medical process and GW not only showed me the way but got a check for me! Highly Recommended!”

Roynel Young, December 2018: “After my accident, it was a long frustrating year of therapy. I’m glad it’s finally over with a successful victory in court thanks to Glago Williams.”

Ruth Aucoin, December 2018: “I came here by recommendation of one of my customers. I was very scared being single for the first time in 34 years. Jatavian and Karen listened to me and made me feel very comfortable in their presence. They explained things to me in a way I could understand and contacted me throughout this process. They also checked on me and made me feel very important. They went above and beyond my expectations! I am truly blessed and fortunate to have chosen this firm.”

Beverly Watson, November 2018: “Thanks for coming through for me!!!”

Lauren Condon, November 2018: “Jatavian and Mark did an excellent job handling my case with expertise. I would recommend them to anyone! Their proactive approach was outstanding along with their client centered approach! Thanks guys!”

AJ Jackson, October 2018: “I’m very pleased with the way Glago Williams has met all my expectations from beginning to end. I also appreciate the way you all went above and beyond to make sure I saw the right physicians and the care that I received. I greatly appreciate everything you all did on my behalf.”

Jackie Osborne, Jr., October, 2018: “I have dealt with Glago Williams Law Firm for the last four years or so. Very good law firm. They are very professional and kind hearted. They worked very hard on my case and I am very happy with the results. I will use Glago Williams in the future if needed and will recommend this law firm to my family and friends if they need an attorney.”

Maegan Hodges, June 2018: “I had such a great experience working with Jay. This was my first accident and he took his time to thoroughly explain the process and put my mind at ease. I felt like he had my best interest in mind from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Jay to anyone needing legal support. Thank you!”

Shane Peyton, May 2018: “Excellent service and legal expertise. Mr. Jay treated me like family and I was informed about my case every step of the way. It was scary at first and I was in a lot of pain, but Mr. Jay made me feel so much better. My mom is a lawyer and she trusts Mr. Jay like I do!

Tremelda Cobb, May 2018: “The Glago Law Firm was awesome with my case. My lawyer Jay had my best interest at heart and fought hard for me. The staff was always friendly and polite. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted honest and thorough representation.”

Susan Scanio, April 2018: My experience was very professional. I would highly recommend this firm to friends and family. Jay worked hard on our case and should be commended on his professionalism. He is very personal and was willing to listen to our claim.”

Torry Jones, April 2018: “In most situations, the legal process moves slowly and it’s very time-consuming. But with Mr. Williams on our case at Glago Law Firm, they handled everything with care and our case was completed in a timely fashion. I’m pleased with the outcome, and I will be sure to recommend anyone I know to the Glago Law Firm.”

Rochelle Snyder, March 2018: “I really appreciate the hard work and effort that was put in for my case. The regular updates let me know that I was not forgotten. I would highly recommend Glago Law Firm to my friends and family. “

Michael Dupre, February 2018: “This lawyer is one of the best. They did a very good job on my case. If I have to get a lawyer, I would get Glago Law Firm. They are the best!” 

Trenae Garibaldi, January 2018: “Jatavian was awesome. I always felt like he had my best interest at hand and that getting me to feel better and back healthy was a top priority. I would definitely recommend this law firm to others. They did a great job and I am very satisfied and pleased. I feel beyond blessed to have such a great team working with and for me.”

Ben Creel, January 2018: “Perfect!! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Erin was shockingly prompt and professional and always left me feeling in good hands. Thank you for the fantastic job. I would and will recommend you highly.”

Renelle Wilson, December 2017: “This is been a great experience for having the comfort from my attorney being met as well as my needs. He got me through one of the hardest times in my life by being there to talk to and responding in a timely fashion. I will most definitely use Jatavian again if needed and I will make sure to recommend more clients in the future.”

Damian Vincent, November 2017: “Jay did a great job on my case. He stayed in touch the whole time.”

James Jackson, November 2017: “I cannot, with any degree of accuracy, explain how amazing Jatavian is as a person, as a lawyer and as a friend. Jatavian owned my case from beginning to end. There was not a moment that went by that I had to wonder what was going on. He provided me with advice and assured me that I would be taken care of. Most important to him was my health and my condition. He took the extra effort to learn about my family and I personally. I really felt that his all was invested in my case. It is because of him that I truly feel happy about the outcome of my case. I could not have chosen a better firm. P.S. He didn’t leave a penny on the table and got me every dime.”

Amber Richard, October 2017: “Throughout my case, I can say that I would definitely recommend Glago Law Firm. Working with Jatavian Williams was also an amazing experience. Being that this was my first time working with a lawyer, I can say that it was the best. Jay and his team were always very informative and available at all times. I definitely appreciate everyone at Glago Law Firm.”

John David Wright, August 2017: I really enjoyed working with Mr. Williams and the rest of the team at Glago Law Firm. This is the best law firm I’ve ever dealt with and will definitely come back if I need an attorney again.”

Mercedes Raya, August 2017: “It was a pleasure working and doing business with Mr. Williams and Glago Law Firm. I will not hesitate to refer a friend. They are more like family than lawyers.”

Monique White, July 2017: “I, Monique White, am very well pleased with the Glago Law Firm. Their service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s in need of legal services. My attorney, Mr. Williams, is an awesome attorney. He’s always pleasant and willing to go above and beyond for his clients. Very well appreciated!”

Issac Pinhas, June 2017: “Fantastic service! It was a pleasure working with Jatavian, Erin and the team. I was lost in the insurance “process,” and they took care of me with a satisfactory result. I would absolutely come back and recommend Glago to others!”

Walter Culberson, June 2017: “Mark, I really really really appreciate all the caring, love ,hard work, etc. that you and your staff has done for my. I feel like we are family now and that means the world to me man. If there is anyone in need of your services without a doubt I will send them to you!!! Love you guys!!!”

Louvader Jenkins, April 2017: “Exceptional! Jay was very thorough, very nice. I definitely will recommend his services.”

Dashia Davis, April 2017: “My experience working with Glago Law Firm was wonderful. Throughout my case they kept me updated with everything and when I came into the building, I was greeted with courtesy.”

Darius Branch, April 2017: “Very efficient and hassle-free. Answered all of my questions. Kept an open line of communication. I was able to receive maximum compensation in a very timely fashion. I would definitely recommend Glago Law Firm.”

Mercedes Bruce, March 2017: “This is been an amazing experience under these circumstances. At first I was very hesitant to file a lawsuit. I’ve heard so many horror stories, but everyone here has made this so easy and peaceful for me. I never had to stress over anything at all. Everything was handled for me. Phone calls, doctors appointments etc. Also everyone I’ve spoken with and came in contact with from this law firm has always been very welcoming, supportive, caring and amazing. I would most certainly recommend Glago Law Firm to friends, family and even strangers. I’m completely satisfied which I knew would be. My attorney is the best!”

Bianca Younis, March 2017: “It was a great experience working with Glago Law Firm. They were very eager to help and worked on my case in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Mo Abualia, March 2017: “My experience with Glago Law Firm was a great one. The staff is easy to get in touch with and went above and beyond my expectations.”

Tremelda Cobb, March 2017: “I was recommended to the law firm through a family member after an accident. From the moment I stepped into the office, I felt a sense of relief. Mr. Williams was assigned my case. He worked hard with the insurance companies to ensure that the injuries acquired during the accident where remedied. I am also grateful that Mr. Williams took the time to explain every aspect of my case in detail to me. I would gladly recommend Glago Law Firm to anyone. The firm displays great tenacity in the court room coupled by a gentle kindness to their clients. What a winning combination.”

Michelle Amos, February 2017: “My experience was great. Jatavian was awesome! He helped me and my daughter out as much as he can. To me he went above and beyond to get back in touch with us. This law firm is the true definition of going above and beyond for their clients.”

Arman Johnson, January 2017: “This process was very easy. Thoroughly explained each detail of my process. Everything remained extremely professional. I could not be any happier with my service. This was my very first situation with this law firm and the people are amazing at what they do. They take pride in doing their job well and I have really appreciated everything. I will definitely refer my friends and use this firm in the future. Thank you!”

Kim Davis White obo Nala Jackson, January 2017: “Mr. Williams has been a great attorney at law during my case. He has been a strong praying man/attorney who helped me get through this tough time in my life with this accident concerning my daughter Nala Jackson’s wellbeing. I would definitely refer Glago Law Firm to my family and friends.”

Tammy Bourgeois, January 2017: “From start to finish, it has been a pleasant experience to work with the attorneys. They make you feel at home and not so tensed up when you have just had an accident. You didn’t feel like they are really going to do the best job to take care of your case. Their communication is awesome and easy. They speak in your terms so you can understand it all.”

Rachel Cain, December 2016: “This was the longest 18 months of my life, but Jatavian Williams made it all worth it. Phone calls with complete details were made before I could think to call him. Bills and details on what was going on with my case were always made plain for me to understand. Thankful for the effort, time and money put into my case for a great outcome. Thanks Jatavian, Glago Law Firm, and the wonderful Ms. Erin. You guys made my experience worth all the time that I waited.”

Wayne & Phillis Gomez, December 2016: “Hello, I hope everyone and their families are doing well. Phillis and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful caring organization. Believe me without your help we couldn’t have made it. We always knew ya’ll had our backs. When you have caring people looking out for you it makes it easier to handle what Phillis and I had to endure.( and still doing it). Jatavian… was a Prince with our last battle with ignorant insurance companies and drivers. When he took his family time on a Sunday to come to my home to take care of my business that says a lot. We will never forget the Glago Law firm. Thanks so much.”

Lindsay Raya on 10/20/16: “I truly enjoyed my experience. Mr. Williams was awesome! Easy to talk to and professional. I will recommend Glago Law Firm. Thanks a BUNCH! God Bless!”

Yuslainys Peidra on 9/29/16: “My experience with my lawyer Williams was great. He fought for my case from the beginning until the end. I am satisfied with the amount he gave me. I wasn’t expecting that amount total. I am definitely going to come see him again and also recommend him to my family and friends.”

Eric Wright on 9/27/16: “Mr. Williams was great to work with. He answered all the questions I needed. He worked hard for me and came through BIG for me. I appreciate all that he has done for me. I’m very happy with all that was done. I will refer y’all to anyone who needs a lawyer.”

John David Wright on 9/1/16: “I had a great experience with Mr. Williams and Glago law firm. They were caring, and always available when I needed them. Mr. Williams is great to work with. He was fast, efficient and was there to explain everything to me. I think really highly of Mr. Williams and the team at Glago law firm.”

Brianna Richards on 6/30/16: “We will not hesitate to use GLF again or refer others to GLF.”

Jonathan Temple on 6/29/16:  “Professional, patient and transparent! The staff at GLF routinely displayed their tenants from my very first visit until my last visit 18 months later. Jatavian personally walked me through the process and his strategic plan for my body to be made whole after my car accident. His weekly calls to gauge how I was feeling after doctor and therapeutic treatments quickly earned both my trust and respect for both him, as well as the staff at GLF. Most of all Jatavian would not settle with the oppositions’ insurance company until I medically and physically felt better, so I evolved from conservative to intensive treatment.”

John Haglund on 6/14/16: “I was referred to Glago by a friend after an accident that left me injured. I contacted Jatavian Williams and he was prompt in his response. He traveled to Houma to meet with me. Throughout the process Mr. Williams kept me updated and was always very professional and yet treated me like an old friend. Mr. Williams and Glago worked hard and produced a result better than I expected. I’d recommend Glago and Mr. Williams to anyone needing an attorney.”

Arnold Jackson on 6/10/16: “GLF made me feel like I was the firm’s only client.”

Irvin Osborne, III on 6/8/16: “I was pleased with the way Atty Williams was able to come in and take over my case. He was proactive in his approach in settling my case. My previous legal counsel was slow and nonresponsive. Jatavian was diligent about returning my calls, answering my questions and giving periodic updates concerning the progress of my case. I would recommend the Glago Law Firm to ANYONE if the rest of the firm treats their clients the way Jatavian did.”

Teh’cyri Tate on 6/7/16: “My experience was excellent. The firm treated me like I was family. They were hands on every time I needed to speak and talk to them. I enjoy my time dealing with them.”

Karen Saul on 5/16/16: “Five Stars! I am pleased with my entire outcome with the law firm Glago. I always felt important, they answered all questions, and they were very patient.”

Maegan Saul on 5/16/16: “Five Stars! Everything was done in a professional manner. There weren’t any problems or any questions that could not be answered. This law firm really cares about their clients.”

Ambrosia Grant on 4/5/16: “I am so glad I was referred to GLAGO Law Firm! I could not have asked for better advocates for during a truly difficult and stressful time. I really appreciated the professionalism with which my case was handled, along with the personal attention for my questions and concerns. Thank you so much Jatavian and Dominique!”

Eldwyn B. on 2/18/16: “I wanted to take a little time to express my thought on what I personally feel is a very top tier Law Firm. My personal experience with Mark and the Glago Law Firm (staff included )has been a very positive one, despite my complicated health condition as a result of two car accidents which did considerable damage to the lower Lumbar area of my spine. Its not often when you’re dealing with pain, surgical procedures, and rehab, that you consider your attorney, not only your advocate but also a friend who really cares. Mark’s legal knowledge and his ability to communicate it simply to his client is a skill and talent that very few lawyers in my opinion can match. In both my cases with Mark working in my behalf, I really felt no concerns that the best outcome would be reached in my behalf, allowed by my medical circumstances. The bottom line in my personal opinion is this: I feel Mark Glago is not only a very talented legal mind, but possess the moral ethics that separate him from most attorneys, couple that with a very pleasant and competent staff that seems to match the zeal and passion of their employer equals what I believe to be the premier Law Firm in the New Orleans area. Thanks for everything Mark and Staff for your excellent representation.”

Bryan J. on 1/8/16: “Hey Mr.j I just wanted to let you know I’m doing a 100% better well can’t say 100 I’ll say about 80% better but I just want to thank you an the law firm for helping me in everyway possible thank yall so much”

Brittany M. on 1/7/16: “Most professional and caring group of people ever!!Thank you all for what you have done for my family!!”

Melisa H. on 12/9/15: “As a proud client at Glago law firm I assure anyone who visits with the same satisfactory service each and every time, with the Glago staff it is impossible to leave without a smile. Glago Law and each member of its welcoming staff make it an easy and effortless task to make the most strenuous situations uncomplicated and most comfortable for you. Each individual attorney is very personal -able and easy to communicate with solving issues and taking in consideration to all factors involved. I have been in service with Glago for 5 years now and I could not have chosen a better attorney.”

Kevin A. on 11/11/14: “Outstanding Professionals! I would like to personally commend the entire Staff at the Law Office of Mark Glago for their professionalism and service. From the time I met Mr. Glago and his Co-Workers, they worked tirelessly to achieve a positive result in my case. They took me through each step of the process and explained to me what was going on throughout my case. I was always at ease and could rest assured that my case was a priority for Mr. Glago and his entire Staff. I never hope to need a lawyer again, but if I do, It is good to know that The Glago Law Firm is out there for someone like me.”

Rene P. on 10/27/14: “Mark Glago and the Glago law firm are considered an extension of our family. Starting with our initial visit, Mark demonstrated genuine empathy, care, and a concern for my wife’s well being and ongoing recovery. It was very rare to find staff and attorney alike with a caring, loving, and protecting demeanor for my wife and her recovery. Mark spared no expense in providing the care, concern, and support we needed during this difficult time. Mark’s priority throughout was my wife’s recovery, care, and restoration to the quality of life she enjoyed prior to the accident. I was enamored with the protective stance the firm took in shielding my wife from unnecessary harassment from the offending company. The husband’s role here is that of both a therapist and guardian. Mark Glago and his firm made these responsibilities doable for me during this traumatic episode. i was free to love, care, and protect my wife due to the aid, support, and reassurance provided by the Glago Law Firm. We are blessed to have met Mark and his wife Stacy and consider them family. We would not hesitate to refer, recommend, or call upon again should circumstances call for their help again.”

Ashley B. on 9/30/14: “Mr. Mark, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you have done in the past 3.5 years. You have been a huge blessing to me and my life. I am very grateful that my mom chose you, and how she came about choosing you was by pure faith. God led her to you and for that I am grateful. I could tell you the words “thank you” and that would never be enough for all that you have done and the time you took out of your personal life to help me. Please know that you are a part of my life and I hope you never forget me! May God bless you for the kind person you are a thousand fold over.”

Jerona H. on 9/16/14 : “I was way more than pleased with my experience with Marc, Erin and the staff at Glago Law Firm. They work hard for their clients and have your best interests in mind. I am very grateful to them all. “




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5 Star Review from Isaac Pinhas
January 15, 2019

5 Star Review from Roynel Young
December 30, 2018

5 Star Review from Ruth Aucoin
December 11, 2018


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